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The Gurnee Funeral Home Difference
Salata Gurnee Funeral Home - Why we are Different

When death occurs, most of us are unprepared with how to handle it, especially if we have never lost a loved one. Death is not easy to deal with even in the best of circumstances. During this most difficult time, it is the goal at Salata Gurnee Funeral Home is to make each family feel at ease as we guide them through the many decisions that must be made. We are not in the business of sales, but of service. Each day our staff has an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of hurting families. And this is why we exist – to provide compassionate care to each family as we help them honor a life well lived. Here is a list of Qualities that set Gurnee Funeral Home apart from the rest.

Your Loved One Stays Here - at The Gurnee Funeral Home...every step of the way

As shocking as this may seem, some funeral home's will send off your loved one to a Chicago or nearby facility for prepartion...and then...will send them back to their funeral home, prior to memorial services. At the Salata Gurnee Funeral Home, your loved one stays with us and is carefully attended to at our IN-HOUSE facility and will stay with us...every step of the way.

Honesty - at the Salata Gurnee Funeral Home

The truth is the vast majority of funeral homes, mortuaries and cremation societies in Lake County are owned by international conglomerates. These mega-corporations have bought out the majority of companies, and have taken control of costs and services. The Salata Gurnee Funeral home is...and will always be...a local family owned and operated funeral home...and we are proud to have been born and raised in this community. Your funds stay in this community rather than being sent off to some faraway metropolis. Gurnee Funeral Home cares about personalized service with Honesty and Integrity.

Value - at the Salata Gurnee Funeral Home

Preplanning will eliminate any confusion about ones wishes, and protect loved ones during times of grief when making decisions can be difficult. Because The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home cares, there are NO membership fees, NO surprises later, just simple, honest business. Many people choose this new popular free pre-planning service to save time, and to show others that they have made the thoughtful choice of a low-cost funeral. If also pre-paid with us, you will be guaranteed that all pre-paid services will not increase. By contacting The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home now, we can show you how quick and easy it is to avoid confusion and select a valuable service for you and your loved ones.

Personal Service - Salata Gurnee Funeral Home

We strive to care for each family as we would our own. Instead of asking you to come to a funeral home to make arrangements, we can also come to a place that is convenient and comfortable for you. While most families prefer to come to us...we can also come to your home, we have also have made arrangements in coffee shops, restaurants, churches, waiting rooms, or at our facility located in Gurnee, Illinois. Families can rest assured that they will work with the same funeral director throughout the entire process.

Personalizing a funeral or memorial service can be very therapeutic. It gives you and your family something to concentrate on as you relive memories. It's also welcomed by family and friends attending a visitation or service because it gets them involved and provides a topic of conversation when they might otherwise not know what to say. We offer many ways to personalize a service.

Customized to Your Needs and Situations - Salata Gurnee Funeral Home

We believe there is no “cookie cutter” approach to funerals and will assist you in planning services as you choose. From a Military tribute to directing the individualized route for the funeral processional to a post-service reception, we can certainly handle the arrangements for your most specific need. The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home offers the highest level of personal service while carrying out a family’s wishes from the time of death until well after the funeral or memorial service has been held. We take care of each detail, allowing a family the opportunity to spend focused time with friends and each other.

Flexibility - Salata Gurnee Funeral Home

Visitations, funerals, and memorial services are held at the location of your choice. We encourage families to select a location that is special to them. For many, it is the peacefulness and serenity of their own church. For others, it might be their residence, at the graveside, or another place that holds special meaning to their loved one. If a family is unsure of the best setting, our staff will certainly assist in recommending, selecting, and securing an alternate location. In addition to local churches, we have working arrangements with other local area facilities.

Affordable Price - Salata Gurnee Funeral Home

We understand that service and value are important to everyone, and are committed to offering the highest value at the most affordable price. We encourage each family to purchase only the services and merchandise they need. We offer low-cost funeral services, merchandise, and one-price packages. Savings can be more when compared to to the other franchise-owned companies. Our family has been providing quality funeral services for over 40 years. At the Salata Gurnee Funeral Home, we are always open, honest and fair.

Security - at the Salata Gurnee Funeral Home

We can assure you that any information you may have on file with us will be held in strictest confidence. The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home cares about your needs and will provide quiet dignity without extravagance. You will always have 24-hour access to a trained caring professional who makes your needs a top priority.

Strong History - Family Owned and Operated since 1971 - Gurnee Funeral Home

We are...and have always been...The only non-corporate, family owned funeral home in Gurnee, Illinois. The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home Family has been locally serving families in funeral service and burial management for over 40 years and has built a strong reputation in our community.

Transferable Arrangements - The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home

If you have made pre-arrangements at another funeral home, The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home will honor them and in many cases, because of our affordable pricing, will refund monies back to your family or estate. Contact us for more details.

Contact Gurnee Funeral Home at 847-244-1155 for a Free and Friendly Consultation

The funeral is a ceremony of unmeasurable value for those who mourn the loss of a loved one. It provides a unique opportunity for the family and friends who share in the loss to express their love, respect and grief. The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home service not only recognizes that a death has occurred, but it is also a testimony that a life has been lived. Whether you have just experienced a death of a loved one or would like to obtain information on pre-planning a funeral or memorial service, the staff at the Salata Gurnee Funeral Home are dedicated to making these times easier. We believe in the healing values of faith and tradition that are sure to be a comfort to you. The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home looks forward to serving you.

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