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Salata Gurnee Funeral Home - Make your Wishes known

Our care for you begins long before the need ever arises, with the Salata Gurnee Funeral Home personal pre-planning service. We believe there are many excellent reasons to preplan your funeral. Please feel free to download The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home Pre-Planning guide to the right of this page. Our guide is a simple tool to assist you when planning a funeral in advance....Information you will need for Pre-Planning your Funeral.

First, it makes your wishes known well in advance, and assures you that your desires will be exactly carried out. You decide, after careful consideration, on the kind of service you desire, the costs, and the types of products you wish to include. Today, you are in a position to make those important choices at your leisure. Tomorrow, the situation may change. You will spare your family the burden of having to make important decisions at a difficult time. When your wishes are on file with us, no one will have to guess about what you “might have wanted,” and no one will be under any pressure to make complex decisions at the worst possible time. Preplanning gives you the opportunity to prepay the service, protecting your family from the burden of unexpected expenses. Preplan now, when you can reflect on your choices at your convenience. Contact us soon about this important matter.

Everything is Taken Care Of at The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home

Funding your pre-arrangements through insurance is also an important part of planning before the need arises. Saving your family the burden of paying, as well as planning for your funeral means everything is taken care of. By planning and funding today, not only can you make your wishes known, you may also protect yourself and your family from inflation.

Feel Confident in Your Funding Decision - We make sure of it

We’re Here to Help Making the decision may not be easy, but once you’ve chosen to pre-plan, we can be of tremendous help in guiding you through the process. We are dedicated to helping families not only cope with loss, but plan for a service that is truly a tribute to the life of their loved one. We understand the difficulty and pain that families experience when a loved one is gone. Nothing can take away the pain, but we can help lessen the burden of uncertainty about final arrangements. To take the first step toward peace of mind, please call or email us to get more information. Let us show you how we might help. There is no cost or obligation.

Preplanning Makes Sense - at The Gurnee Funeral Home...You Have Peace of Mind

Every detail is arranged according to your wishes Personal records are organized Your family is saved additional burden at an emotionally stressful time Your loved ones are spared financial worry at a time of need. Your funding is assured

Payment Plans to fit your Budget

Funeral expenses can be taken care of today Insurance funded by a company with more than fifty years of experience and sound financial standing Funding available through licensed representatives of United Family.

Pre-planning your funeral can be as simple as writing down your preferences and sharing your wishes with a family member. The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home can walk you through the entire pre-planning process. Contact us today and let us help you get started.

Contact Gurnee Funeral Home at 847-244-1155 for a Free and Friendly Consultation

The funeral is a ceremony of unmeasurable value for those who mourn the loss of a loved one. It provides a unique opportunity for the family and friends who share in the loss to express their love, respect and grief. The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home service not only recognizes that a death has occurred, but it is also a testimony that a life has been lived. Whether you have just experienced a death of a loved one or would like to obtain information on pre-planning a funeral or memorial service, the staff at the Salata Gurnee Funeral Home are dedicated to making these times easier. We believe in the healing values of faith and tradition that are sure to be a comfort to you. The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home looks forward to serving you.

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