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Veterans Funeral Services in Lake County, IL
Salata Gurnee Funeral Home - Honoring Veterans since 1971

We live with our personal memories of our devoted loved ones who, through their service to our nation, have defended our fundamental values such as liberty, justice, dignity and national justice. Their sacrifice has dignified life for each of us. Through their example, we move toward eternity with faith, hope, charity, love, courage, and freedom. The local Veteran Organizations which are made up of members from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, the Vietnam Veterans of America, and the Lake-McHenry Veterans Service Group pays tribute to their fellow comrades in arms through various Military Funeral Honors.

At the Salata Gurnee Funeral Home, these rites are designed to honor the life that was so freely shared and proclaim the glory of freedom. Military rites are made available for any deceased eligible veteran at the request of his or her family. Eligible veterans include military members on active duty, military retirees, members and former members of the Selected Reserve, eligible U.S. Veterans of any war, and other U.S. Veterans who served at least one term of enlistment and separated under conditions other than dishonorable.

The request for a military tribute must be made through one of our Salata Gurnee Funeral Home Directors in charge of the services. The director will contact the local Veteran Organizations and arrange for the desired military rite. There are a variety of memorial services available. These services include the following:

  1. Chapel service
  2. Graveside service
  3. Flag presentation

The American Flag is a central part of all military rites. The flag is a symbol of liberty and it flies high proclaiming justice and freedom because of the sacrifices of many Americans. The United States Government provides a memorial flag to any veteran who is honorably discharged. The flag can be draped upon the casket or folded in “military fashion” and displayed as a tribute to the service rendered.

The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home - Dedicated to the Veterans of Lake County, Illinois

The rendering of Military Funeral Honors is a way to show the Nation’s deep gratitude to those who have faithfully defended our country in times of war and peace. This ceremonial paying of respect is the final demonstration that our great Nation can provide to the veteran’s families. The tradition of providing Military Funeral Honors began in ancient Greece and Rome. The funeral honors protocol of today traces its roots to these ancient ceremonies as well as to historical American experiences. The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home commitment to recognize the sacrifices and contributions of our Nation’s veterans is why we honor those who served.

Military Funeral Honors at the Salata Gurnee Funeral Home have always been provided whenever possible. The law now mandates the rendering of Military Funeral Honors for an eligible veteran if requested by the family. According to the law, an honor guard detail for the burial of an eligible veteran shall consist of not less than two members of the Armed Forces. One member must be a representative of the parent Service of the deceased veteran. The honor detail must perform a ceremony that includes the folding and presenting of the American flag to the next of kin and the playing of Taps. Taps will be played by a bugler or by an electronic recording.

Military Funeral Honors are provided by the Department of Defense at no cost to the family. The main elements of the Military Funeral Honors ceremony at the Salata Gurnee Funeral Home are:

  1. Flag folding
  2. Flag presentation
  3. Taps

The veteran’s parent Service representative will present the flag. All veteran’s families are also eligible to receive the Presidential Memorial Certificate which is a parchment certificate with a calligraphic inscription expressing the nation’s grateful recognition of an honorably discharged, deceased veteran’s service in the Armed Forces. The veteran’s name is inscribed and the certificate bears the signature of the President. The family may request a Presidential Memorial Certificate either in person or at any VA regional office or by U.S. mail. The family may also request a grave marker. Your Salata Gurnee Funeral Home Director will assist you with this matter.

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The funeral is a ceremony of unmeasurable value for those who mourn the loss of a loved one. It provides a unique opportunity for the family and friends who share in the loss to express their love, respect and grief. The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home service not only recognizes that a death has occurred, but it is also a testimony that a life has been lived. Whether you have just experienced a death of a loved one or would like to obtain information on pre-planning a funeral or memorial service, the staff at the Salata Gurnee Funeral Home are dedicated to making these times easier. We believe in the healing values of faith and tradition that are sure to be a comfort to you. The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home looks forward to serving you.

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