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Thank you for visiting our Lindenhurst Funeral Home & Cremation web page. Looking for a Lindenhurst Funeral Homes in Lindenhurst, Illinois? Cremation Services in Lindenhurst, IL? Consider the Lindenhurst area funeral home of the Salata Funeral Home located in Lake County. As the areas first and only family owned funeral home in Gurnee, we feel a deep sense of connection with the community, and with our many friends and neighbors who call this area home. This personal relationship, this shared history, helps us support and assist you when sorrow strikes. For three generations, Lindenhurst funeral home families from near and far have turned to our family for compassionate attention as they make important decisions at a difficult time. We offer complete personal assistance when planning funeral arrangements and cremation service in Lindenhurst, IL. We always take the time to carefully explain all your options. From the warm, welcoming atmosphere of our historic home, to a staff that listens to your every wish, we dedicate ourselves to your comfort and care. Call us day or night. We are here to help... just as we’ve always been.

Like you, we are proud to be have been born and raised in Lake County, Illinois. The Salata Family and the staff of our nearby Lindenhurst Funeral Home are dedicated to personalized service with individual attention to every family. If you or a loved one is considering an Lindenhurst Funeral Home...Please consider the Salata Gurnee Funeral Home located in Gurnee, IL. We have been serving the families of the Lindenhurst community for over 40 years.

Lindenhurst Funeral Home & Burial Arrangements

Whether you prefer a traditional Lindenhurst burial or cremation, we will guide you through the choices and options that communicate the true personality of the person who has died. We are committed to helping you decide the best way to celebrate your loved one’s life, at your own pace, in your own way. We strive for the Lindenhurst funeral service to be a focal point for the family mourning a loss while providing the following invaluable funeral home memorial services:

  1. Traditional burial, with or without an Lindenhurst funeral services
  2. Lindenhurst IL funeral gatherings, memorial services, graveside or crematorium
  3. Private or public visitations, Lindenhurst Cremation, with many choices of final disposition
  4. Transfer of deceased and out-of-town arrangements
  5. Lindenhurst Funeral pre-arrangements
  6. Assistance with Social Security, Lindenhurst Veterans Funeral benefits and other insurance

At our nearby Lindenhurst Funeral Home, It is most important for all of us to realize that Lindenhurst funeral services are for the living; for those who are affected by the loss of a loved one or friend. And for the deceased; a final tribute. Like other rites of passage - graduation, weddings, baptisms, retirement celebrations - funerals help the living adjust to a major event and is the first step to a new, different way of living.

Funeral Home Service in Lindenhurst IL

The Traditional Lindenhurst Funeral Service is when your loved one is present. The night before the funeral there would be visitation generally in the evening with the casket present. The service itself is normally the following day either in the chapel of the funeral home or in a church, chosen by the family. A funeral often consists of scripture reading, prayers, a eulogy, sometimes a sermon, and music. After the funeral there is a procession to the cemetery, for a committal service. There is a reception to follow at the church or the family’s home which concludes the services. (Services may differ depending on religious preferences)

Memorial Lindenhurst Funeral Home Services

A Memorial Service is when the deceased is not present. It may take place at the funeral home, the family’s residence, a church, or even outdoors. This is a time to remember your loved one through fellowship with friends and family. The memorial service can also be an addition to a traditional Lindenhurst funeral service. For example having a traditional funeral service locally and then a memorial service back in the deceased’s home town. Or, a memorial service can be done after a burial or cremation if this meets the need of the family.

Lindenhurst Funeral Home Committal Service

The Committal Service is a brief service at the grave site after a tradition funeral service but prior to the burial. This is where family and friends say their final goodbyes at the final resting place.

Graveside Service at our nearby Lindenhurst Funeral Home

The Graveside Service is if the committal service is the only service. It is accompanied by a visitation the night before. The graveside service is a more lengthy service consisting of scripture reading, eulogy, poetry, and music.

Immediate Lindenhurst Burial Arrangements

Immediate Burial does not consist of a funeral service. The deceased is placed in refrigeration until the proper paperwork is complete. Then the body is bathed, dressed and casketed. The casket is transported to the cemetery for burial.

We also offer assistance with out-of-town arrangements or transportation of the deceased when death occurs away from home, and can also help you with all Lindenhurst cemetery arrangements including memorials and monuments. The members of our professional staff are active members of the Lake County IL community. We are familiar with the customs of the many faiths represented here. You can depend on our nearby Lindenhurst Funeral Home, to provide a service that is truly memorable, flawlessly planned, and correct to the smallest detail.

Lindenhurst Cremation Services in Lindenhurst IL

We provide respectful, professional, direct cremation services for Lindenhurst families. Family owned and operated, Salata Cremation Services and Funeral Home is not a cremation society, which means there is no membership fee. Our services require no pre-registration or pre-payment. Our Lindenhurst Cremation Service is a practical and lower-cost cremation-only service for the discerning consumer who does not wish to pay for fees related to simple Lindenhurst cremation arrangements. When all you need is an affordable Lindenhurst cremation option with no service by request and you prefer arrangements to be done with caring and professional service, then call our nearby Lindenhurst funeral home and Cremation Services today.

Traditional Lindenhurst Funeral with Cremation Following

The Traditional Funeral with Cremation Following includes all of the features of a Traditional Funeral. Cremation can occur after a funeral where the casket is present at one's place of worship, a nearby Lindenhurst funeral chapel or any other appropriate location. The only real difference between a funeral followed by burial and one followed by cremation, is that the body is taken to the crematory after the service in lieu of a procession to the cemetery. As is customary, the Lindenhurst funeral may be preceded by a period of visitation or a reception at the funeral home. Following the funeral, the body is cremated in the casket or placed in a special cremation container if a rental casket was selected. After cremation, a public or private service may be arranged for the final placement of the cremated remains.

Memorial Service with Lindenhurst Cremation Following

A Memorial Service, like a funeral, is a service of remembrance, only without the body present. It may be held at a place of worship, the funeral chapel or any other appropriate location. Your nearby Lindenhurst Funeral Home & Crematory funeral director will assist in planning and organizing the service, and provide the necessary staff to direct the service. The urn may be present for the memorial service, as the casket would be for a Lindenhurst funeral. The family may hold a visitation or reception at the funeral home with or without the presence of the urn.

Direct Cremation in Lindenhurst, IL

Our nearby Lindenhurst Funeral Home & Crematory offers every cremation option. Among these many options is the immediate or direct cremation. Direct cremation is limited to the cremation of the body following death, with no formal funeral or memorial services. The deceased is placed in a refrigeration unit or can be embalmed until the proper paperwork has been completed, and the necessary permits are obtained. The body is then placed in a cremation container and transported to the crematory. After the cremation process, the cremated remains are placed in an urn and ready to be buried, placed in a niche, or be taken home.

Contact our nearby Lindenhurst Funeral Directors

While we provide Lindenhurst Cremation Services while supporting Lake County, IL families...It is important for you to know we are a consumer friendly Lindenhurst funeral provider. That is why we provide our Lindenhurst funeral home families several options to make final arrangements... in our office, online or by fax. We hope to make a difficult situation just a little easier. If making funeral arrangements in Lindenhurst, please contact us today for a free and friendly consultation. We can speak with you over the phone and set a convenient appointment time for you to come to our Salata Gurnee Funeral Home to assist you and your family during this difficult time.

Lindenhurst Funeral Home Decisions - Consider the Historic Gurnee Funeral Home

Our traditional Gurnee Funeral Home combines colonial architecture and a comfortable home-like setting. It has served families in Lindenhurst, Lake County and surrounding communities since 1971. To enter the our nearby Lindenhurst Funeral Home in Gurnee, is to realize that it is a home with every element of hospitality present. It is a beautiful historic colonial home dating back to 1897. The entrance foyer with it's beautiful staircase and the real wood burning fireplace that is used extensively during the winter months, radiate a homelike atmosphere and a soft and relaxing beauty.

The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home is a Real Home...The front porch with it's white wicker furniture and blooming flower pots radiate a serene beauty during spring, summer and fall. We are large enough to give our families the same service as the largest funeral homes around, yet we are small enough that each family gets the level of attention and care they deserve. Experience the comfort and intimacy of a real home setting...only at The Salata Funeral Home located near Lindenhurst in Gurnee, Illinois.

Celebrating Life at our nearby Lindenhurst Funeral Home

We at Salata Gurnee Funeral Home are privileged to be serving Lake County IL and surrounding communities. We appreciate your confidence in our firm, and are committed to providing the most caring, compassionate, and professional funeral service possible to every family that places their trust in us. When you have lost a loved one, you can be assured of the Salata Funeral Home commitment to helping you through your time of need. A death of a family member brings unique needs and services - we are here to guide and serve you by creating a celebration of your loved one's lifetime.

Pre-Planning Funeral in Lindenhurst, Illinois

Pre-planning involves the relatively easy process of making plans for your own memorial and site, or that of a loved one well in advance of the need. It is no less practical, no less important and no more complicated than planning for a college education, a future wedding, a new home or even retirement. Likewise, the advantages and benefits are just as valuable. Our Funeral Home Pre-Planning guide gives you everything you need to organize vital information such as personal affairs, family heritage, military history, estate information and so much more. The Personal Planning Guide also makes your wishes known. It's a great benefit to your family and relieves them of having to make many difficult decisions. Find out more about Pre-Planning with the nearby Lindenhurst Funeral Home today.

Contact a nearby Lindenhurst Funeral Home at 847-244-1155 for a Friendly Consultation

The funeral is a ceremony of unmeasurable value for those who mourn the loss of a loved one. It provides a unique opportunity for the family and friends who share in the loss to express their love, respect and grief. The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home service not only recognizes that a death has occurred, but it is also a testimony that a life has been lived. Whether you have just experienced a death of a loved one or would like to obtain information on pre-planning a funeral or memorial service, the staff at the Salata Gurnee Funeral Home are dedicated to making these times easier. We believe in the healing values of faith and tradition that are sure to be a comfort to you. The Salata Gurnee Funeral Home looks forward to serving you.

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